Estancia life

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Thanks for visiting our website! Below you'll find more information about us at Panagea.

Effectively we are a cattle ranch in the north of Uruguay. We receive people interested in knowing the life and work of gauchos, or South American cowboys. We are not a tourist spot, our real business is ranching of sheep and cattle, and receiving travelers is a side activity. That means that our accommodation is simple and consists of the real things of the country life in northern Uruguay that are not suitable for normal tourists. We like to tell people that in advance so no one is coming by mistake expecting another kind of spot.

We work on horseback everyday and if the visitor doesn't know how to ride we teach them. We have 5 different levels of horses according to behavior and stamina, so anyone who wants to learn can feel comfortable and confident.

Food is basic, hearty gaucho food (with vegetarian options) and is included in the price of $60 USD per day.

Being far from the city of Tacuarembó we don´t have electricity except for 2 hours each night by generator; the rest of the night is with candles. Hot showers are usually available, but occasionally we lack running water because of the lack of wind.

It's an experience that everyone goes through in a different way. Many people like it, some don't, so if you think you might, give us a try!


Horseback riding lessons

Learn how to ride a horse perfectly in 5 days (or less)!
Horses, saddles, gaucho pants, gaucho boots, and all gear included.

Other activities

Working with animals

How to reach Panagea

Depending from where you are coming and to where you are heading afterward, there are many options.

We are closest to city of Tacuarembó, about 1 hour by car. Tacaurembó is 4 hours north of Montevideo from where there are several buses every day, including the bus companies Turil and Agencia Central.

We are one hour from the border with Brazil (Santana do Livramento, Brazil / Rivera, Uruguay) and 3 hours from the border with Argentina (Concordia, Argentina / Salto, Uruguay OR Colón, Argentina / Paysandú, Uruguay). From Salto, the bus company Turiani goes to Tacaurembó on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From Paysandú, the buses are daily.

There is an overnight, direct bus from Buenos Aires to Tacuarembó 3 times per week (the bus company Gualeguaychu which runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Free pick up from Tacaurembó!

How to contact us

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- Italiano - Portugués - Français - Español

We don't have internet at the ranch, so sometimes it takes a few days before we reply to email.

EMAIL: panagea